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CheerTunes is an idea based on the awesome CheerLights by Hans Scharler.

The idea is that we have a shared big shared mystery jukebox. People can tweet playlists @CheerTunes and any connected devices will play them.

In future we want to support natural language tweets and a range of platforms including Spotify, Amazon Music, and Google Play Music.

For now this prototype is limited to tweeting Spotify URIs which are then played on a Spotify Premium account.

There is a Python script which provides the “glue” between CheerTunes publishing commands via MQTT and controlling the Spotify web API.

How to tweet to CheerTunes

An example is this tweet: Hey @CheerTunes play spotify:album:5dN7F9DV0Qg1XRdIgW8rke

Grabbing the code

You can check out from the GitHub repo with

git clone

Or if you prefer to download and unzip you can download from


$ cd CheerTunes
$ pip install -r requirements.txt


Follow these steps to configure up your local PC system to play tunes from CheerTunes.

Spotify Dashboard App

Spotify Accept Page

Spotify Browser URL example

CheerTunes Script Entry

Playing Tunes !!!

Then tweet something like the example above, you will see an MQTT message received with the Spotify URI and it should play.

NOTE: The script does not currently automatically start playing tunes on your Spotify account as that could be very irritating. You must first already be playing some tune on either the local system or some other Spotify device and playback will switch to the new UID


If you have ideas on how we can improve CheerTunes please contribute to the discussion